Chairman’s Message

At FNG our investment policy has always been planned and implemented with Fujairah and its people’s long-term development in mind. We operate with wisdom, patience, foresight, pride, prudence, and believe in dedication and plain hard work. All of which are applied throughout the organization, from the Board of Directors, to healthcare clinicians, construction, IT, compliance and teaching staff.

In the early days our primary commitment was to provide Fujairah with the essential services it needed, and to build on those foundations steadily over time, continually raising standards. This commitment remains unchanged, however what has changed is Fujairah economy and the needs of the people – as the economy has grown so have people’s lifestyle requirements. As part of its long-term growth strategy, FNG has added several non-essential business lines to the group over the years. At present the group has seven major divisions including real estate, education, industries and health care.

An economically vibrant emirate, abound with opportunities at such an early stage of its journey to modernity, on behalf of Fujairah National Group, I take great pride in welcoming you to the emirate and the rewarding investment opportunities it provides.

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